Marissa Pittman  Creator of Opulence Wellness Spa

Marissa Pittman Creator of Opulence Wellness Spa

Summer Ryan  Guest Service Coordinator

Summer Ryan Guest Service Coordinator

Diana Granados  Receptionist

Diana Granados Receptionist

Kathleen Kennedy  Massage Therapist

Kathleen Kennedy Massage Therapist

Early in my esthetician career I found a quote from Mandy Hale, “It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary”. With this quote fueling my approach to skin with every establishment I worked for, I had a vision of one day creating a spa that centered on this principle. As of February 2018 I presented Opulence Wellness Spa to the world. As the creator of this business I am excited to share my approach of skin care, body hair removal and massage therapy practices. I am honored with the responsibility of creating revolutionary services and an environment for everyone to access transformation. I have comprised a of team of highly qualified therapist and supportive team members who have decided to embrace this ideology and help me share it with the world. Thank you for believing in our talents and I cant wait for you to receive your transformation here at Opulence Wellness Spa


I have known Marissa for several years. She has always had this dream of creating her own spa. I knew if she ever embarked on this journey I wanted to be apart of it. When I received a call from Marissa offering me an opportunity to be apart of Opulence Wellness Spa there was no hesitation to join the team. With my past experience of management and esthetics in a wide rang of medical and day spas between California and Nevada. I have executed result driven skin care treatments and cultivated environments of education. It is my mission to provide the clientele of Opulence Wellness Spa a safe haven for radical treatment plans. I am patiently waiting on your arrival to help usher you into your transformation.


The beauty industry is a career I never saw myself being a part of but my back ground in customer service guided me in becoming apart of the team here at Opulence Wellness Spa. I have learned beauty is more than what you are born with. The environments you are in has a direct affect on your outward appearance. My direct training from Marissa has equipped me with the tools to help cultivate your environment here at Opulence Wellness Spa. When you see me at the front desk allow me to answer any question you may have.


Upon my interview to become apart of the Opulence team Marissa described my massage as healing. I pride myself on the gift of having the experience to heal people with my hands. The services created her at Opulence Wellness Spa inspires me to think outside the box creating new and innovative ways to further my knowledge of massage. Having to work along side a team of passionate, innovative, and knowledgeable thinkers my goal is to work with you in elevating your quality of life in your own body.